And now let's start weeping over the times that are gone. /Samuel Agnon/  

With nostalgia and sadness I view the pictures of past Gallicia taken by Andrzej Polec. Only a handful out of many thousand of Jews living there still remains. Little towns there resemble deserted cemeteries. This is the last Jewish generation living there; lonely little old lady in the background of the ruined past, remains of the destroyed synagogue, silence of the stones. History was not kind to those areas. The scenario of events was changing from one day to another: Russian occupation, German occupation...
Photographs by Andrzej Polec try to stop time, capture the last representatives of life which doesn't exist any more, retain the past which is gone. This extremely precious work saves from oblivion something that will elapse irrevocably in just a moment.

/Szymon Wiesenthal/


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